Frequently Asked Questions

Q  ~  How do I buy ?
A  ~  Please first check the availability of the items you require on the What's Available  page, then email me with what you would like.  I will send you a Paypal Invoice.  For more details see the 'How to Buy & Shipping' page.


Q  ~  Is there an extra charge for a custom made order ?
A  ~  I regret I am no longer able to take custom orders.

Q  ~  How long will my order take to arrive ?
A  ~  I always post speedily - either the same day, or the day after payment is received.  If you are purchasing a name to be added to your order you will need to allow an extra few days for this.
Due to ever increasing Postal rates, in order to keep postage to the UK free, I regret I now have to send parcels by Second Class Mail.  Royal Mail estimate an arrival time of 2 - 5 days for UK mail.

                                                     **  Look out for your pink parcel !  **


                                    **  Please recycle or re-use your pretty pink packaging !  **


Q  ~  I need a closer look at the colours/patterns in your photos.
A  ~  Please follow the link to the Fabrics page where all the colours and patterns are displayed for a closer look.


Q  ~  Can my items be washed ?
A  ~  Yes.  All items are entirely machine washable so you can keep them squeaky clean !                                                      Instructions will come with your order, and are as follows :

           How to Care for your Piggy Items.
            Piggy Beds and Crash Pads    ~    Shake out poops daily and machine wash frequently inside out @ 30
            Use the hanging loop to attach your Crash Pad to the top or side of your cage to ensure it stays in place.  A Jumbo              paperclip works well for this.
            Wash Novelty Crash Pads in a laundry net to protect the details.  
            Hidey Hammocks and Lap Blankets    ~    Machine wash @ 30   If ironing is necessary, do so very gently on                          a cool setting with steam, or use a pressing cloth.
            I also like to spray all items with pet safe disinfectant before drying.

Q  ~  Do you know where I can buy C&C cages and coroplast liners ?
A  ~ YES !!!  A customer has recommended this site in the UK, where she says the service and products are excellent !


Q  ~  Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
A  ~  Apart from a private family and close friend Facebook page, I am not on any social networking sites, Youtube - (other than in videos of happy customers !) forums or Twitter.   The reason for this is I have very bad RSI and nerve damage and I cannot type for more than about 10 minutes at a time.  Also the more time spent on social networking sites the less time there would be for making things !


Q  ~  I have seen other places with 'Piggy Palace' in their name, is this anything to do with you ?
A  ~  NO !  Please respect your fellow crafters by not copying their designs.
If you see something you like on somebody else's website and want to copy it, please don't just take, have the courtesy to ask.


Q  ~ A customer has been using her Crash Pad inside the cage but it gets covered in woodshavings which she has to brush off before washing.  She uses a small washing up brush for this but it can take about 15-20 minutes.  Here are some solutions to this sent in by customers ;

A ~ "I give mine a cold spin in the dryer before I wash to get rid of hay and hair. It doesn't get all of it off, but most. It's a lot easier to clean out the dryer lint filter than a washing machine !"

A ~ "I don't use my crash pad with shavings, but to get the hay and hair (one of my girl malts a bit) I use a brush from a dustpan and brush set. I turn the crash pad inside out and put one hand inside to hold and brush with the other, turning it in my hand. Then I turn it back the right way round and do the same. It works well."

A ~ "I use a lint roller with adherent tape in order to remove the hay or hair from my Flying Angel . It really works , it's fast and it doesn't wear out the fabric."
Katerina Greece

Another suggestion, "dust buster?"


I am always seeking to improve, so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email them to :                                                                   
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