Bert takes time to relax on his personalised Piggy Plonk.Guess what my name is ?ChewyMummy and babies all cosy !Sam and StanleySam loves his bed !Chewy the Syrian hamster explores her new bed !George has a rest after all that popcorning !Gerty and Tiny in their Crash PadsGerty trys out her new Crash PadPaulas' Super C&C cagesPaulas' Super C&C cagesTilly, Ziggy and Fudge pose nicely !FudgeZiggyTillyMeggie (left) & Poppet (the little terror) ....haha.....Meggie & Poppet love their new 'Mummy size' and 'Baby size'  beds :o)
Wispa and Twixie share a Crash PadToddy and his new Crash PadSyrian hamster Luis surveys his super cage from his Maxi Mousey/Hammy Crash Pad !Contented mouse pile !  Digby and JamesJessica......."I think it needs a bit of a nibble here too....."James demonstrates how to customise his Maxi Mousey/Hammy Crash Pad ! Pog the dwarf hamster relaxes in his Mini Mousey/Hammy Crash PadRoo enjoys her Crash PadOne happy Chinchilla !SQUEAK!!! THANK YOU!!! from Chansey & Blissey !Chansey relaxing in the Piggy Crash Pad while Blissey's munchin' on the Timothy Hay !
Tiggy in her hammockNight night !Pixie and Tiggy ready for bed in their Piggy Crash PadsEmma's piggies pose for the camera !Bentley and Ceebs 2Bentley and Ceebs in penPaddy chilling outPaddy relaxesPaddy testing his Crash PadHappiness is a pig called Colin !Happiness is a pig called Carrot !Annie's sister Daisy Prize wining Annie !Squeaky in Piggy BedMaisie prefers the blue Piggy BedsMaisie prefers the blue Piggy Beds.....Chesney prefers the green one !......but pink will do too !Time for a drink !  Mummy and............suprise babies !Miglet and Moglet relaxing on the sofa !Dumbo Rats Sweetpea and BrambleTruffle in his Reindeer Crash PadGingee PopKatie's baby Rats take to the skies in their Maxi Mousey/Hammy Flying Angel Crash Pad !Katies piggy enjoys a good snooze !Alison's babies test out their new crash padsMaximus in his personalised Crash PadIt's super cozy even down here !Leo & MarleyJen's piggyKiara in the cupcake bedNala in the cupcake bedKiara & Nala try out the piggy bedBut Timon likes it best..zzzzzzJasperTeddyTeddyDexterSpike likes to be creative with his bed !Dino's tongue makes a cosy pillow !Sherbet loves his Sharkipad !Squiffy & SweepSweepRocky & Jay in their Strawberry & Cow crash pads Haribo !Rock star Boudoire !Tiny Caramel & Fudge get comfy in their new Crash Pad......Fudge is hiding !Marmalade & ChutneyChloe's Duke in his Pumpkin Crash PadDuke enjoys his Pumpkin Cage Decorating KitDuke's spooky pumpkin water bottle !
Click on the images for a larger view.
Hi Jenny
I simply had to show you my happy boys in their new beds.
I have a feeling I will be back for more as all their cuddle cups now need replacing.

Many thanks & wheek wheek from Carrot & Colin.
Hi Jenny, just wanted to say thanks for the piggy beds which have arrived. They are brilliant, I'm really pleased with them and so are the piggies as you can see with the attached photo. This is my top pig Squeaky modelling it, she hasn't come out yet, she must really love it! Anyway, thanks again for the fab service and a quality item, really pleased. I'll certainly be back for more one day. Best wishes Sarah
Hi Jenny,
I hope you're well?
The pigs are loving their new 'feeding/petting' beds!! Thought I'd send you a few piccies in case you want them for your website
Bentley is the blonde (!)/lilac one and Ceebs is the darker pig - they are very happy in these!


We recently bought 2 piggy crash pads from you. We are delighted with them (as are the piggies) Attached are pictures of Pixie and Tiggy.

Jon & Sue
We recently bought a hidey hammock for our 2 Guineas - Tiggy and Pixie (They already had the crash pads and are proud to be featured on the Piggy Crash Pad page of your web site)
Just wanted to say that we (and Tiggy & Pixie) are really pleased with the hammock. A picture of Tiggy is attached (Pixie is usually underneath)
Thanks again for some great products.

Jon & Sue.

SQUEAK!!! THANK YOU!!!.......
im so happy with my order thanks
a lot more power to you and your piggies.

Bernard C. (^^,)

Hiya thank you for the lovely piggy crash pads, they are great for when we have the piggies in the lounge with us.
Here are some photos of our 3 rescue piggies chilling out.
They are quite funny because they play musical chairs with them and swop around, or sometimes two of them squash into one!

Kind regards
Hi Jenny,
Just thought i`d send these pics...... Meggie is now ok with the bed & hops into both beds when she can, haha.......
As you can see, the prototype size that you used for Poppet`s bed is perfect for her...... Thanks again...... I`ll probably be after your fleece blankets next :o) Best wishes Jenny.. Love Debra :o)

hiya, received my piggy beds today! they're absolutely fantastic and i'm so pleased with them, so just wanted to say thanks very much. the piggies were very excited when i put them in the cage and they love them. thanks for your communication aswell when i was having trouble with paypal. i have left you positive feedback. i will be back for more things soon! lol... i could buy loads! thanks again, and keep up the good work. lea (and piggies chesney and maisie!)

Hi Jenny
Just thought I'd send you some pics of Gerty & George in their crash pads - the other piggies don't like posing!!
Gerty is in the pink one & George in the other. They all love them, especially George - when I put it in his cage he sat in it all night & popcorned every time we asked him if he liked it - ha ha!!
Suzanne xx
i have bought four piggy beds from you in the last 5 months or so and thought i would send you some pics of the piggies chesney and maisie enjoying them! i bought the blue circles one for ches and the pink flowers one for maisie, but they preferred each others! lol.... and then i bought a green one and a fawn flowers one, and maisie will always choose the fawn one, and ches always the green! strange little creatures! lol...
anyway, i've attached the pics for you to add to your site.

lea and chesney and maisie! x

Hi :-)
I'm so pleased with my order! My piggies adore their crash pad and my rats are fighting over the flying angel! So I'm like to order another Maxi Mousey/Hammy Angel Crash Pad please! By some miracle two have been squashed into it together! (They're only babies still). I've attached some photo's if you'd like to put them on your site :-)

Thank you  Katie x

OMG OMG OMG i got them i got them *whoops with joyy* thank you so much, i can tell you picked such beautiful bright colours for me!! the beds and the angel crash pads, lol. my brother LOVES your devil pad hes wearing it as a hat, he says hes gonna wear it as his head piece for halloweeenn
i'm so going to take more awesome awesome photos, i'll upload them when i'm done:)

LOVE the halo LOVE the wings, LOVE EVERYTHING

Hi again,
I just ordered another two beds - any colour is great as I love them all, and so do the pigs! These are the best beds I've had in all the time I've been keeping pigs (9+yrs) Fantastic work!!

Many Thanks,

Hi Jenny
I received the Crash Pads yesterday.  They are beautifully well made.  I can't believe how big they are, the boys are definitely going to love them.  I know my friend is gonna be absolutely estatic when she opens up hers for Christmas. 

I just recieved my cupcake crash pad (after missing delievery on friday!) I have a problem with it . . . the problem is i want one for myself to live in!! Haha, it's amazing! Thank you sooooo much i absolutly love it! Everyone ive thrust it at sqealing ''look at my piggy's cupcake'' has loved it. Great communication, speedy service and amazing product (and you can quote me on that!) I have my eye on the hidey hammock and my son is begging for a lappad so you will no doubt hear from me again soon!! :)
Thank you so much, im thrilled!!

Thank you so much for the crash pad,.....Have introduced it to my girls who love it... so much so that they both scrambled in at once and then gave me the "please can we have one each" look
Thought I would share a picture of them both squished in.

Thank you again, I've not hesitated in recommending you to my friends.

My order came and as usual it's all gorgeous thank you. The bunting looks so cute on my piggies cage and the hamsters love their little pad =) I'll be ordering a hellipad soon as they look gorgeous!

Fairy in her Fairy sized Sky-Blue-Pink Flying Angel Flower Fairy Crash Pad !
Meet Fairy
R.I.P. 2010 - 2014
Fairy was quite a celebrity in the guinea pig world, but unfortunately was a victim of careless breeding, (lethal white) and as a consequence she was blind, deaf and smaller than a normal guinea pig.  She had the most loving and caring home, with her every need catered for, other guineas to play with and plenty to keep her happy.  I am pleased to have been able to make things especially commisioned and tailor made for her, including her special Fairy sized 'Sky-Blue-Pink Flying Angel Flower Fairy' Crash Pad.........

What time's take off ?
............and her new
Fairycopter Helipad !
Fairy's Fleecey Fancies !
Your Comments
............AND  her very handy piece of equipment - the Handy Hand !
Fairy's 'Princess & the Pea' four poster bed.Visit Fairy's website to see her adventures with the mice...Fairy's new 2011 Sports version Noddy Car !Move over, Lady Driver coming through...Fairy's 'Beautiful Pea Green Boat' !Fairy's Flowery BowerFairy's ToadstoolSandcastle with removable turretLiloFairy's Hair-O-PlaneMind that hedge Fairy...Mr Bear takes over...
Click here
See how much Maximus likes his Personalised Sky-Blue-Pink Flying Angel Crash Pad !
Switch your speaker on, click on his picture and prepare for cuteness overload !....
............AND  there's more..... fact why not pay a visit to Fairy's very own website
where you'll find lots of stories & first hand accounts of Fairy & friends adventures..... she was a pretty busy piggy !
Click here to add text.

Just writing to let you know that I received the pink parcel today. I like the items very very much! They are of high quality and are larger than I thought, and the patterns are even more adorable than they look on the website! I have two 1 month old baby piggies and I caught both of them popcorn on the piggie bed!! ∩__∩

It's really worth the money. Thank you so much for the work.
Hi :-)
Don't know if you remember me, I had a few flying angels off you last year and you put the photo of my two 2 rats on your flying angels photos. You'll be happy to know they still have them and still fit in, and love them.

I'm sorry this is so late but i just wanted to thank you for making my wonderful 'Melon' Crash Pad!
I've attached an image of my piggie Marmalade in it :) Feel free to put it on your website :D

P.S the one that my other piggie is in, i made :)
...we still have Shuffle bums original bed and whilst it's a bit bobbly and has been washed regularly it's going strong and we had that when she arrived 4 years ago so your beds are value for money !

Thank you!  The shipping was fast and the detail is amazing on the snowman. My piggies will get a nice surprise tomorrow. I am glad that in this messed up world there are people like you who take time and make such unique items. Wishing you and your piggies a Merry Christmas

Ebay feedback
" Gosh, I can't tell you how much I am thrilled to FINALLY get your products!  I have heard soooo many awesome reviews and seen so many youtube videos featuring them!  :)"

" Hello Jenny thank you once again for the items I recently purchased they are wonderful and Benny and Bear blue my piggies love their Easter lamb crash pad and my friends daughter was very smitten withe her flying angel crash pad.I look forward to your next creations "

" Hi Jenny,Thank you so much for the lovely bed arrived today and our new rescue piggy is loving it! He jumped in a snuggled down. I will definately be buying more!!! Have a lovely Easter. "

" Hi Jenny,Our Guinea Pigs are not the only ones that love your Crash Pads.
Roger the rat originally had a Maxi Mouse Crash Pad but he is a bit big for those now, so has moved up to the full size Piggy variety.He really likes it and sleeps in it all the time.
We adopted Roger from the Blue Cross – he was found at the side of an Oxfordshire lane in his carrying case just left by his owners, so we try to make up for his bad start in life.
Thanks again for all of the things you make – we have been delighted with every one.Jon & Sue. "

" Hello,Hope you are well.Thank you so much for all the brilliant guinea pig crash pads and cage decorating kits that you have made this year, Duke and me have had so much fun looking at them and choosing which ones to buy. Duke's favourite part has been testing them out by having a sleep in them!! They have all been brilliant, I have had so many lovely comments on Facebook about them and everyone wants to know where we got them from!
Duke loves to go sleep in them at night time, and then in the morning he has his breakfast next to them!
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Lots Of Love Chloe and Duke xxx "

Hello Jenny,Just wanted to say 'thank you so very much' for Anselmo's crash pad. I love it, and so does he! He deserved the best after his recent bladder stone surgery, and he's definitely got it now. He looks so comfortable. We'll definitely be ordering from you again.
Thank you again, Jennifer and Anselmo

We just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful creations this year! We really do appreciate everything very much! I know from the comments and emails we get that others love to see Fairy and the gang enjoying their comforts, so thank YOU :)
With lots of love, Anita and Ian xxxxx