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Giant size Fluffy Snuggle Mats
£8 per pair

UK p&p free
EU p&p £3.50 + £1.50 for each identical item
REST OF THE WORLD £4 + £2.50 for each identical item
Available in Piggy Size, for your Piggy Beds & Piggy Crash Pads,
Giant Size for Giant Beds & Giant Crash Pads
and Round ones are now available to fit your Cupcake Beds

Put these inside your Piggy Beds, Crash Pads and Cupcake Beds to make an extra super snuggly bed giving extra warmth and cosiness in winter - no extra fixing is needed.
You can put them underneath your Piglus or, as you can see in the photo, you can just put them anywhere in your cages & your pigs will know what to do !
Also good for lining your carry cases, and ideal for poorly piggies needing that extra bit of TLC.
My piggies have tested them and have not chewed them or wriggled them out of place and have definately given them the paws up !

They are simply made from Polyester hemmed round the edges so they don't fray.
These measure approx 10"x8" but please note this is a stretchy fabric, so measurements cannot be accurate down to the last millimetre !
Completely machine washable & fast drying.
Available in packs of 2.

(**My pigs don't chew these, but please make sure yours don't either.**)

Fluffy Snuggle MatUse these to line your Piggy Bedsor to line you Crash PadsOr you can just put them anywhere in your cage & your pigs will know what to do !Just getting comfy......aaaah big yawn !These make the piggy beds sooooo cosy !Mum & teeny baby discover you can use them in a multitude of ways !But Fairy takes the biscuit for the most creative !  "Silence in the court" !
Piggy size Fluffy Snuggle Mats
£3.50 per pair

UK p&p free
EU p&p £3.50 + £1.50 for each identical item
REST OF THE WORLD £4 + £2.50 for each identical item

        Just to let you know the Snuggle Mats                    arrived today. As with everything we have             bought from you worth every penny -                      thanks."

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Round Piggy Cupcake size Fluffy Snuggle Mats
£3.50 per pair

UK p&p free
EU p&p £3.50 + £1.50 for each identical item
REST OF THE WORLD £4 + £2.50 for each identical item

Cage Decorating Kits
Fluffy Snuggle Mats
I know how much many of you love to decorate your cages, so you will find these kits are just the thing to accent your theme and make your guineas (or other furries) cages look really special.

Whatever the occasion, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Birthday, etc or if you just want to make your cages look pretty, your kit will be colour co-ordinated and tailored to suit the occasion !

to turn your water bottle into a little spooky creature !
(fits medium size Classic Colourtone Bunny bottle as in pic, & ones of similar size)

for your guinea's little treats (or tricks !)

Prettily coloured strips of fleece on a galvanised wire ring, with silver cord hanging loop that will fit over the clips on C&C Cages

to drape around the edges of your cage or anywhere to complete your theme !
(approx 36" (92cm) long. Colour & pattern of ribbon will vary)

Easter Egg Cage Decorating Kit in pinksEaster Egg Cage Decorating Kit in blues/greensEaster Chick Cage Decorating KitChristmas Cage Decorating Kit StarsChristmas Cage Decorating Kit IciclesChristmas Cage Decorating Kit BaublesChristmas Cage Decorating Kit HollyChristmas Cage Decorating Kit Red/Green/White Flags
Cage Decorating Kits

UK p&p free
EU p&p £2.50 each + £1.50 for each identical item
REST OF THE WORLD p&p £4 + £2.50 for each identical item

Hay Mitts
New !!!
If you have delicate little pudds like me and are fed up with getting hay splinters, then these are the things for you.  I have found even the best quality hay can have prickles in, and pulling compressed hay out of bags especially when it's at it's driest can result in painful little splinters.
These Mitts are made of the most dense fleece and will protect your hands.  I have been trialing them for a few months now & I am happy to say they have not let a single splinter or prickle through, even after being washed every week !
They are ambidextrous and one size, measuring approx 9"(excluding loop) x 6.5" at widest parts.
The loop is made especially big enough to hang over the clips of C&C cages so they can be stored conveniently next to your hay rack.
Sold as a pair so you can have one on each hand or one in use and one in the wash ! 
Colours will vary.
Hay Mitts
£8.50 per pair

UK p&p free
EU p&p £2.50 + £1.50 each identical item
REST OF THE WORLD p&p £4 + £2.50 each identical item

All Halloween Cage Decorating Kits
have matching Crash Pads (sold separately)
Halloween Cage Decorating Kits
Other Seasonal Cage Decorating Kits
(available according to season)
Suzanne's Christmas decorated piggy roomDuke's Icicle Hat waterbottleDuke keeps warm in his Snowman Crash PadDuke's Icicle BuntingDuke's Raggy GarlandDuke in his decorated cageSuzanne's Easter BuntingSuzanne's Easter BuntingSuzanne's Easter Chick Water BottleSuzanne's Easter Treat BasketSuzanne's Easter Raggy GarlandSuzanne's Easter decorated piggy room
Duke in his decorated cageDukes water bottle
Demon Den Cage Decorating KitPumpkin Cage Decorating KitSpooky Ghost Cage Decorating KitVampire Bat Cage Decorating Kit
Kits in action !
" Hello,I have received my Pumpkin crash pad and my Pumpkin cage decorating kit in the post today and Duke and me were so excited when we opened up the pink bag. Duke and me are so pleased with them, and we both want to thank you so much! Duke went running inside the Pumpkin crash pad and within 5 minutes was stretched out with his back legs everywhere asleep! Today we have put up the Pumpkin cage decorating kit and it is brilliant. I will take some pictures of Duke and the pumpkin crash pad and decorating kit over the next few days, and you can put them on your website if you would like too. I will back ordering some more items in the future! "